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Network Resource Group -- About Network Resource Group, Inc. - Advisors in network design, equipment selection & information technologies

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About NRG

We are specialists in network design, installation and maintenance. We also assist our clients with software issues from the specification stage through implementation and long-term support. Our office is located in Manhattan, KS, but we are available for phone consultation as well as on-site support for clients out of this area.


As our motto states, we are "advisors in network design, equipment selection & information technologies." We are skilled in network design, redesign, and implementation. We have experience installing servers and workstations and connecting machines together. We also have the know-how to solve problems with machines and networks as they occur.

Networking Philosophy

It is our understanding that no one platform or technology is adequate to solve all problems. For this reason, we suggest a diverse set of operating systems and server architectures. We currently support mixed platform environments using Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, Linux, various other Unix platforms, and even networking and server appliances.

We treat each client's network individually and try to fit a solution to their specific needs. For example, Microsoft Windows usually serves as a superior desktop operating system and often to run application services. Novell NetWare provides excellent file and application services. Linux is great for inexpensive Internet services. But no OS is sufficient to handle all of these services optimally.

Excellence in Support

It is our goal to provide exceptional support services to our clients. We prefer to employ a few highly skilled technicians rather than a horde of only marginally skilled technicians. We seek to be the most knowledgeable network consulting firm in the region.

If you are seeking a friendly and experienced staff, Network Resource Group is the firm to call.